Monday, August 26, 2019
image Cottage Hajana

is situated in a quiet valley Veporské mountains, right in the holiday resort Kokava - Haj, 10km from Kokavy Rimavicou. excellence of its location provides the visitor a beautiful walking and plenty of opportunities to relax in any season. It was built in 2004 and since then it visitors are very satisfied with its modern, very tastefully and comfortably furnished interiors. Enjoy a family atmosphere with the smell of wood and pleasant time in the beautiful valley.

Spacious apartment

Created on 25 March 2013

frontpage "Take advantage of our accommodation in a spacious apartment."

The spacious accommodation for a family of 5 in a beautiful suite with large bathroom and two bedrooms.

Sauna with Jacuzzi

Created on 25 March 2013

frontpage "Visitors have available a room with sauna and whirlpool"

Treat yourself to relax after hiking or skiing in our relaxation room with sauna and jacuzzi.


Beautiful surroundings

Created on 25 March 2013

frontpage Valley Kokava Háj”

Holiday resort with amazing nature

Enjoy the chirping of birds and trips into the woods full of mushrooms directly behind our cottage. In the winter of his coming again lovers of skiing and other winter sports.


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